RVTECH endorses Vehicle Fortress

One of the industry's top RV experts RVTECH has endorsed Vehicle Fortress for their client's storage needs. 

RVTECH owner, Chuck Williams says, “Here at RVTECH we pride ourselves in anticipating, preventing, and eliminating inefficient work conditions to keep our customers the happiest in the industry. Personal attention to every opportunity we encounter is our passion and we have proven it to RV owners time and time again.”

"Conquer every RV’s number one enemy that causes deterioration of paint, rubber, canvas, wood, and upholstery; weather. It is the enemy of your prized vehicle and particularly the relentless sun and humidity of coastal Florida."

"Wish there was a safe, secure and local storage space that was good enough for your favorite toy? Well, now you can purchase your own place! VEHICLE FORTRESS, a private condominium storage facility. The perfect, permanent storage solution. Call Phil Pugh at (239) 591-4700."

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